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On CW Philippines' Going 15 de 4F1AAR Though the Years    Nedstat Counter

So the years went by with the Club gaining every possible grounds for improvement not only for themselves and the organization but also, in the most humble way they can - the promotion and upliftment of Philippine amateur radio, both locally and internationally.

At this point, one can only say that its job is over. That it has now reached the height of its career and that the Club had already given what was due radio amateurism, right?

Wrong! The fact is, as one gets older he sees things differently now. And as one matures, he becomes, shall we say, more wiser and looks at the future with a clearer picture than before?

I believe that this is just exactly what happened to the Club. Just like what it normally does to a coal to produce diamonds, gold, oil and other fossil wonders of nature that surrounds us. Time itself has brought them to newer heights, challenges and struggles to begin with. A greater sense of responsibilities is discovered as they move along.

 Let's take the calamities that hit the country in the 90's for example.

Disaster and Emergency-Ready

The disasters left us with a big scar caused by a devastating earthquake hitting the northern part of Luzon in July. And immediately, the picture of a Baguio world class hotel in shambles is probably what will flash out of our minds as soon as we start talking about it.

Truth is, there were a lot of other places affected by this killer quake. We had Dagupan City in Pangasinan for one where building structures sank a number of meters from the normal city streets levels and the collapse of a school building in Cabanatuan City pinning down of big number of students and their staff.

The floods that gave almost everybody the feeling that the country was being punished followed in August.

And just like a book's finale done in 1991, the awesome eruption of Mount Pinatubo with its ashes reaching to as far as its neighboring countries in Asia.

Hardest hit here was the Bacolor area in Pampanga that was buried almost completely by the ravaging lahar coming from the series of eruptions.

These incidents saw the need to relocate thousands of families to safer grounds until a joint, more practical government/civilian plan of rehab is implemented.