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The Web Shack's HamEx is a CW PHILIPPINES' project that was created primarily to serve as a venue for hams wanting to acquire, dispose, swap or even donate used or unused ham radio equipment, antennas, computers, accessories and other items that are normally used in the hobby.

A simpler version of a classified ads for hams could be a more appropriate term for this since it intends to post short info about the shack items in strips based on the Post Request Forms submitted without any charges whatsoever. The Ad Strips, which shall also carry contact informations, may be viewed on the pages called The Hamex Posts.

From here, succeeding negotiations, transactions or exchanges including their delivery or shipping arrangements resulting from these Posts are left to the parties themselves. Henceforth, HamEx does not guarantee the actual conditions of the items involved.

There are basically four types of Forms available for sending Post Requests depending on the "advertisers" intentions. So feel free to take the one best suited for you.

Otherwise, you may send them directly to me. Good Luck & 73! Roman / 4F1AAR